Процесс производства конфет

  Candy production process:

          Receive-glucose-filtration-vacuum-cooled-cooling-adding auxiliary materials-reconciliation-molding-screening-packaging-finished product inspection-outsourcing candy

Candy production:Participate in 30%of water in the solid, pour the weighing white sugar, open the steam to promote sugar, and let the sugar be turned on and the full air pressure is controlled to control it at 038-042MPa. The temperature is controlled at 105C-100C.

Participate in pigmentation, auxiliary materials, flavors, repeated turns evenly, pay attention: The auxiliary materials are flipped evenly. Place the rossed sugar embryo in the cooling pool and fold the cooling

The qualified products are sent to the outsourcing workshop to advance the outer packaging, and the production date of the outsourcing bag and the cardboard box progress, the labeling of the product name and the inspection of the net content