fruit flavored gum

Fruit flavored gum is a popular candy among all age groups. Its fruity taste and long-lasting flavor make it an ideal choice for those who love chewing gum. The candy supplier Yixinfoods offers a wide range of fruit-flavored gums to meet the demands of candy wholesale buyers.

Made in China candy factories, these gums are known for their high quality and delicious taste. With a variety of flavors such as strawberry, orange, and grape, they satisfy different taste buds. Yixinfoods candy supplier provides excellent customer service and ensures timely delivery of orders.

  • Built in year 1997, YIXIN FOODS specializes in candy’s development and distribution. Our main products are all kinds of liquid candy, spray candy, powder candy like cc stick,instant juice powder, bubble gums and chewing gums, and all kinds of cookies.

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