caramel candy

Caramel candy is a sweet and buttery treat beloved by many. Wholesale caramel candy is available in bulk and perfect for candy stores or as party favors. Caramel candies comes in various forms, such as chewy caramels, hard candies, or caramel-covered chocolates. It provides a rich and indulgent taste experience and pairs well with other flavors, such as salt or nutty notes. Caramel candy can also be used as a topping for ice cream or baked goods, adding an extra layer of sweetness and texture. Its versatility and irresistible taste make it a popular choice among candy lovers.

  • Built in year 1997, Yixinfoods specializes in candy’s development and distribution. Our main products are all kinds of liquid candy, spray candy, powder candy like cc stick,instant juice powder, bubble gums and chewing gums, and all kinds of cookies.


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